Pergola Designs for Shade & Beauty in Waco, TX; Size, Color, Hardware, Freestanding & More

Many homeowners will invest in building elaborate decks to extend their outdoor living space. However, as many quickly realize shade becomes necessary. For some large shade umbrellas seem like an affordable option and later decide they would like more of their deck space under shade. Their are a few options to consider but one often stands out, a pergola. Pergolas can provide shade to the deck and add a beautiful structure to your yard. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision will share some of the top considerations when adding a pergola to your yard.

Pergola Size & Location

Whether your adding a pergolas on top of a deck or cover your porch your will need to determine how big or how much space you want the pergolas to cover. Pergolas can be building next to and away from the home. Most pergolas are a free standing structure however, sometimes is attached to the home. Pergolas can very in length and wide where many pergolas are transitionally flat there are even curved style pergolas. When determining the size and shape of the pergolas you will also want to decide on the location. As they can be built anywhere in the yard, make sure to consider it location as to no interrupt natural flow of traffic and block windows and door ways. If you are building a pergola over a deck make sure the deck can support the weight of the pergola. An experince contractor can help determine is the deck can safely handle the additional weight of a pergola.

Pergola Material & Color

Traditional pergolas are wooden structures that are built from different species of wood. However, you can also find a number of metal pergolas. Wood is the common choice as it add more natural beauty to the yard and is easier to work with and allows for more unique design and features. Additionally wood can be painted or stained with a wide variety of colors. When determining what wood species, you want to use a type that does well in the local climate. Some of the recommended wood species for Texas climates are Black Locust, California Redwood, Bald Cypress or Western Red Cedar. With each species of wood the overall cost of the pergolas will vary. The main building material is essential to also determine the total cost of the pergola.

Pergola Hardware

Most pergolas don’t use embellished hardware. However, you will still want to make sure the visible hardware matches the rest of the hardware used in your yard. Often hardware can be seen on fences and decks. Some homeowners will have a swing attached to the pergolas or other features, to make sure the pergola blend with the rest of your home’s exterior feature make sure the hardware matches.

Do I Need a Permit to Build a Pergola?

A last consideration is if you will need a permit. Most pergolas that are free standing and not attached to the home directly may not require a permit. However, each city can vary on local building law. Make sure to check with your local city requirement for pergolas.

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