Commercial Build Out Contractors

Often, when you have purchased or leasing a building for your business, it isn’t exactly what you need to be successful. The next important step in setting up your business is finding the right contractor to handle the build-out. At Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions, we provide our customers with build-out services they can trust. We will work to stay in your budget and finish the project within the time frame you have set. We will customize the build-out to meet the needs of your business, and do everything we can to make your business a success.

Office & Commercial Improvements

When it comes to commercial build-outs there are two different kinds: turnkey and tenant. They both are wise choices for different circumstances. At Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions, we work with both circumstances whenever they permit. Here is a bit more information about the difference between the two.

Turnkey Landlord Commercial Build-Outs

During a turnkey build-out, Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions works with landlords to completely finish the space before tenants occupy it. When you are ready to move in, your landlord will hand over the key to a completely finished space that is ready for your business. When this is the route taken, you will let your landlord know what specific needs you have to run a successful business. This may include changes in lighting, non-load bearing walls, power supplies and more. You even have a say in choosing the paint colors and flooring choice. You won’t have to worry about all the details as we work with the landlord to choose the best materials and cost effective solutions to your needs.

Tenant Build-Out Improvement Contractors

If the tenant wants to be involved in the build-out process, you may want a tenant build-out. You will have your hand in all the materials that are used which is crucial. You want to get the best bang for your buck. This investment isn’t one that you will be able to take with you when you outgrow this location, so it is important that you work with the experts at Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions to make the right material choices that will be profitable to you and your business. As you come up with the lease terms with your landlord, you will have negotiated the price per square foot so it is important that you have a contractor you trust that will give you an accurate bid. This isn’t always the best choice for first time business owners that aren’t experienced enough to make it profitable.

Commercial Build Out Contractors & More in Axtell, Woodway, Bellmead, Hewitt, Robinson, Waco & McLennan County, Texas

At Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions, we know how important it is that the build out stays on schedule. You don’t want to see yourself paying for both the build-out and the rent to lease the space at the same time. We will work with our budget and timeline to ensure when you start paying that lease, your business is up and running as well. Call us today!

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