Bathroom Remodeling Do’s and Dont’s in Hewlett, TX; Water Efficient Plumbing Fixtures & More

Remodeling your master bathroom or a standard bathroom comes with high-quality materials, eco-smart accents, and modernizing fixtures. A bathroom remodel requires fine workmanship to deliver increased performance, beauty, and longevity. Today, we at Bath Vision and Home Solutions would like to share the do’s and don’ts to have a successful bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodel Budget

Budgeting for the unexpected surprises during a bathroom remodel is highly recommended. Leaking pipes in the wall causing water exposure to the inside of the wall can cause various degrees of damage, and contractors often discover this during the demolition. The plumbing will require repairs and the water damaged materials will need to be replaced. These issues are not known unless they are discovered during the process and planning for this in the budget can help.

Upgrade to Water Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

Modern faucets, showerheads, and toilets have significantly improved the water efficiency. These upgrades reduce water bills, improve the economy, and add more elegance to the bathroom finished result.

Bathroom Remodeling Lighting

Bathroom lighting can increase or reduce the presentation. With better lighting, you can have practical needs as well as aesthetics. Basic lighting includes the standard ceiling light. Go more in-depth with more lighting around the vanity will eliminate the shadows that get in the way to get ready in the morning. For more illumination and a striking sight, install layered lighting options such as a recessed canister light for shower and toilet and additional lights along the medicine cabinet. Consider ambient lighting solutions with LED lights and dimmer switches, among others, to drastically alter the dynamics in your bathroom.

Bathroom Ventilation Options

Moisture is never good for long periods of time, and rooms like the bathroom that have consistent moisture require more ventilation. Mold and mildew can derive from excess moisture which will not only cause health risks, but it causes damage to paint, grout, and other materials. Ensure your bathroom is well-equipped with adequate ventilation to combat the moisture and promote longevity.

Use Quality Remodels During Bathroom Remodel

Avoid the extra hardship moisture imposes as well as increase the bathroom’s style with backsplashes, floors, shower and tub area, and countertops. With endless options in colors, styles, textures, patterns, and shapes, you can find something that looks amazing without sacrificing the right defense of the raw materials in your bathroom.

Do Not Rush Bathroom Remodel

No matter how much you desire overnight transformations, the bathroom takes longer than 24 hours to complete. Rushing can mean remodeling the bathroom twice, a rather costly mistake because of impatience. Depending on extent of the remodel, the contractors will likely need several weeks to a few months to complete. Materials can be on back-order, the construction crew can fall ill, and other dilemmas can also delay the process. Be patient and let the contracts work in a timely manner according to their pace for efficient results.

Don’t Choose Cheapest Contractor Solely Based on Cost

A common mistake is homeowners giving the project to the lowest bidders, despite credentials and reputation. In the end, selecting a contractor that might be a little more but has a solid reputation learned from reading reviews and investigating references can make all the difference.

Don’t Cut Corners when Remodeling Bathroom

Do not trim costs and select shoddy materials. Protect the bathroom’s performance and lifespan by investing the better-quality materials.

Do Not Shop Online for Bathroom Fixtures & Materials

Pictures alone are not enough to make a practical decision on, unless you have seen the item in person, resist the urge to shop online for your bathroom’s materials, fixtures, and other features.

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