Best Combinations & Rules of Thumb for How to Paint One Accent Wall a Different Color in Axtell, TX

After undergoing a recent remodeling project and you have redesigned your home, one of the last and final steps is to paint your walls. Remodeling projects vary. However, most will always finish off with a fresh new coat of paint. Often colors change to fit the new features of the remodel. One of the leading trends in residential as well as commercial painting projects are accent walls. Accent walls break up the color of the home and provide a slight flare. Accent walls can be tricky on how or where they can be used effectively. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision will share how to properly use accent walls.

Best Places for Painting One Wall a Different Color

Using accent walls is a great way to bring attention to certain features in the home. You may have just finished remodeling your living room and had an elaborate fireplace mantel built or perhaps a built-in entertainment center was installed. These are great examples as to where and when to use an accent wall. A wall with a large and decorative bay window is another good place to feature as an accent wall. Accent walls are generally used to bring attention to certain features. However, the features don’t always need to be a structural feature. Some people may have a wall where they have a cabinet full of their treasures, or another furniture piece that the homeowner wishes to draw more attention to. An accent wall can also make the seating area feel more cozy. With the right colors, it can help make awkward shaped rooms feel more dynamic.

Accent Wall Paint Color Combinations

When choosing colors for the walls and accent wall, you will want to choose a color that fits any feature it surrounds as well as the rest of the color of the surrounding walls. This is where accent walls can get tricky. You don’t want to mix the wrong colors together even though it may seem good in theory. Essentially, the color you choose will be up to you. However, following are a few suggestions:
– Blue & Yellow Paint Color Combinations. Blues and yellows make great accent wall combinations! You can use either color as the primary or as the accent wall. These colors tend to work best with lighter features. For example in the kitchen you may have white cabinets and light colored countertops. In such a case, blue and yellow will work perfectly together. Avoid light blues and yellows with dark colored appliances, cabinets and countertops.
– White & Gray Accent Wall Colors – When the features are darker, white walls with a gray accent wall look better against darker colors.
– Other Accent Wall Color Schemes – Other recommended combinations are greens with grays or orange hues. Reds work well with gray and whites. Yellow works well with blues, purples, and grays.

Light Affects Appearance of Paint Color

When picking the color, make sure to consider the room’s lights. Often colors work well together but you will want to find the right shade or intensity of the color for the lighting of the room. Never use dark color in areas with poor lighting.

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Remodeling and paint often goes hand in hand. Redesigning your home often finishes with new colors for your home. When you need help remodeling, painting and more, contact Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision today.

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