Great Room Addition Off Kitchen, Bump Out, Garage Conversion & Other Home Add Ons in Moody, TX

When you find you need more space in your home many people will look into room additions or add-ons to get that needed space. There are a number of ways or types of room additions. Depending on homeowner needs, the types of room additions can change. Texas Home Solution / Bath Vision will share some of the most common types of room additions and how these spaces are used.

Conventional Home Additions

A conventional home addition is when a section of the home home is extended outwards to make an exciting room or area bigger. This types of room addition are done on the areas that have an exterior wall which is removed. The room is then extend outwards creating more space which is common for living rooms, kitchens, and dinning rooms. Other time a smaller portion is added to the exterior wall to add a bathroom or storage areas. Conventional room additions are some of the more common additions as they are some of the cheaper methods to add more space to the home.

Bump Out Addition

Similar to a conventional room addition and bump out room addition usually is when an entire room is added to the home. Bump out additions connect to an exciting exterior wall and room where an additional room is added. Bump outs often occur when additional bedrooms or and home office is needed. Depending on the size and utilities that will be needed bump out can be more expensive however, they are adding a completely new space to the home.

Sunroom Additions

Another common and more affordable room addition is a sun room. Sun room often take less material and additional work depending on what feature the homeowner want in the sun room. Most sun require a foundation and the wall and ceiling are framing and glass. Some homeowner like to use the sun room for a relaxing and or reading area which need only basic feature. Other like to have a indoor garden which may require plumbing and a good drainage system. Depending on what the homeowners want in the sun room cost will vary.

Garage Conversion Plans

One of the most affordable methods of claiming more space in the home is uses exciting space such as the garage. Some homeowners never use their garage and when more space is needed often a garage conversion is done. A garage has all exciting wall, electrical and even plumbing features. Basically the garage will require some building out where the garage door are and better insulation. New floor and wall can be put up to insulation and make the garage conversion more comfortable. For those needing more space and never uses their garage, a garage conversion is a simpler and fast way to claim more space in the home.

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For those needing more space in their home and are considering a room addition contact Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions we provide room additions and other remodeling services. Contact Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions and begin consultation today.

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