Fence Materials, Types & Styles in Lorena, TX; Aluminum, PVC, Vinyl, Wood, Bamboo & Wrought Iron

When you have a need to have a fence installed around your home, you will be faced with a number of options. The fencing should not only add security and privacy, it should also enhance the aesthetics of your home and yard. When seeking ideas on what type and material you should use for your home’s fencing, Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision will share some of the most popular fencing options.

Aluminum Fencing

One common type of fencing is aluminum as it offers security and is easily maintained. Aluminum fences comes in a variety of styles and are most often painted white or black. However, colors can vary. Aluminum isn’t the strongest fencing material, but it does work well as a front yard fence and is aesthetically pleasing.

Wood Fence Panels

One of the more popular choices for residential fencing is wooden fencing. Wooden fencing is a wonderful look which can remain natural or painted. However, wooden fencing does require maintenance such as sanding and refinishing or painting to ensure the fencing longevity. Wooden fences come in a large variety of style offers different levels of privacy and security. Wooden fencing can also come in various (and even customized) heights making it easier to install in different terrains and level changes.

PVC Fences

One of the most economical fencing options is PVC fencing. Using PVC, fences are molded into different fencing styles and heights. PVC fencing often use different materials and hardware. However, they look great and can last for years. Even so, they can only withstand heat for so long and will eventually become brittle after about ten years and sometimes longer.

Wrought Iron Fence Panels

Wrought iron fencing isn’t the cheapest option but is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and durable fencing options. Wrought iron fencing can last forever and only needs occasional coats of fresh paint. Wrought iron is strong and greatly improves security to the home and property. Some wrought iron fencing can be customed designed which adds a unique look to the home. However, pre-made wrought iron fencing still comes in many styles and is a great addition to any home.

Vinyl Fencing

Another low cost fencing option is vinyl fencing which is slightly stronger and lasts longer than PVC fencing. Vinyl fences also comes in many styles, most commonly white in color. However, color can vary. Due to vinyl fencing’s flexibility, it can be installed in some of the more difficult terrains. Vinyl fencing is easily maintained and cleaned, making it a more and more popular fencing material.

Bamboo Fencing Rolls or Living Bamboo

For natural looking fences, bamboo is a beautiful and sturdy fencing option. There are two major types of bamboo fencing: one is rolled bamboo fencing which uses cut bamboo that is linked together. Rolled bamboo offers plenty of privacy and security. The second type of bamboo fencing is living bamboo. You can plant and use living bamboo as your home’s fencing, which works well here in Texas. The bamboo will need to be cut or trimmed as they can grow a foot in a year.

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There are many fencing options that can help benefit a home. Homeowners that find they need fencing installed around their property, contact Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision today.

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