Home Remodeling for Senior Citizens in Gholson, TX; Aging in Place Modifications, Improvements & More

Are you or a loved one aging and finding it hard to perform day to day tasks? There comes a time that your home may not be suitable as you get older. Some of our elderly may find that they need to use a walker, scooter or wheelchair. When your home becomes too hard to navigate and daily routines become harder each day, consider remodeling your home for aging in place. Aging in place remodeling transforms your home to fit your current capabilities. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision will share some of the common aging in place remodeling trends and how they can help make your everyday easier and better.

What is Aging In Place Remodeling

Aging in place can be anything from minor to major remodeling of a home to help those as they get older. Walking up and down steps, doing dishes, or changing out laundry can become a major task as we age. The idea behind aging in place remodeling is to change your home to make it easier for you to do daily tasks, navigate around the home easier, and increase your safety. Many elderly people find they are less stead on their feet and some even experience falls. Some of our elderly need more space in their hall and between doors so they can ride their scooters or wheelchair with more ease. Essentially, aging in place remodeling will look at the home and see what needs to be changed to fit your current progression in life.

Age in Place Improvements

When remodeling a home there are key elements that are considered such as accessibility, function, and safety. These three major elements must be contemplated, especially when you have to think about day to day tasks. There are a lot of features that can be changed when remodeling your home. Grab bars and handles can be installed throughout a home. Railing and grab bars can be installed in bathrooms, in the kitchen, hallways, and washrooms. For those who find they require the aid of a wheelchair, walker, or scooter to get around their home consider widening the hall, doorways, and other passageways to provide better maneuverability. Another feature for those in a wheelchair or similar devices is to install ramps, lifts, and elevators.

Senior Home Modification Contractors

The kitchen sink, cooking areas, and countertops can have a roll under design which allows a wheelchair or other device to get up and close, making kitchen tasks easier. If the elderly finds they are bound to a scooter or wheelchair they can have sinks, showers, and thresholds lowered to make reaching basic tools far easier. Cabinets and doors can also be outfitted with lever style knobs and cabinet pulls. To help enhance safety is it often recommended to install enhanced lighting throughout the home, nonslip flooring and a monitoring system.

Aging in Place, Senior Modifications & More in Axtell, West, Lorena, Woodway, Bellmead, Hewitt, Crawford, Robinson, Waco & McLennan County, Texas

If you or you have a loved one that is finding the home needs aging in place remodeling, contact Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision. We provide whole home remodeling services and can help transform your home to better meet living standard for the elderly. For quality remodeling services and more, contact Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision today.

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