Best Outdoor Decking Material in Lacy Lakeview, TX; Pressure Treated Deck Boards, Redwood, Cedar or Other?

With spring around the corner, it is a good time to enjoy the great outdoors. Many people dream of having a deck to extend out their outdoor living space. This spring make your dream a reality. Decks can be designed and built in a short period of time when it is done by a professional. When building a deck, the homeowner will need to agree on a design as well as the material that will be used to construct the deck. When it comes to material, not all homeowners know what to use or the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the different materials to choose from. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision will share the different materials used to build a deck and the benefits of each.

Pressure Treated Lumber Deck Boards

Pressure treated lumber is a southern yellow pine wood that has been chemically treated. About 75% of all decks built throughout America are constructed with pressure treated lumber. Pressure treated lumber has many benefits, which is why it is highly used. The chemicals used to pressure treat the lumber makes the wood rot resistant, fungus resistant, and insect resistant. Pressure treated lumber will last longer than other material and is rather affordable. However, what pressure treated lumber is lacking is beauty. Additionally, pressure treated lumber can still warp and suffer damages over time. They do require slightly less frequent maintenance. Even so, they too will need to be maintained. When building a deck, one using pressure treated lumber is still considered one of the better options.

Redwood or Cedar Outdoor Deck

Redwood and cedar is naturally resistant to decay, pests, and rotting. Both woods are beautiful and have a natural look. Redwood and cedar are great decking materials. However, both wood types cost three times more than pressure treated lumber. Redwood and cedar will also split and crack over time and require maintenance. Redwood and cedar will require the need to be sanded and re-stained every 3 to 4 years. Additionally, redwood and cedar do best with once a year pressure cleaning. As redwood and cedar are naturally strong and beautiful, they require a lot of upkeep and are expensive. When choosing redwood or cedar, make sure you are dedicated to the deck’s longevity.

Tropical Hardwood Dekcing

Tropical hardwood is an exotic decking material that is not commonly used. Tropical hardwood is durable and resistant to insects and rotting. Additionally, you can find tropical hardwood in a variety of colors. One of the drawbacks when working with tropical hardwood is that it is hard to drill through and can dull a saw blade in a short period of time. Additionally, tropical hardwood is resistant to stain so you cannot stain the wood and it turns gray within a short period of time. Caring for tropical hardwood requires diligence and as you may assume, it is not cheap. However, the wood is strong and can provide a natural look to the deck.

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When building a deck, the homeowners will need to decide what materials to use. When needing quality deck design and construction services, contact Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision. We are ready to build your dream deck! Contact Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision today.

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