Ceiling Covering Ideas for Popcorn & More in Bellmead, TX; Textured, Shiplap & Decorative Tiles

Does your home ceiling need a makeover? When homeowners want to remodel or renovate their home, often the ceilings aren’t the top priority. However, there are many amazing ways you can enhance your home by enhancing the ceilings. Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions would like to share a few ideas that can enhance your home during its next remodeling and what inspiring ways you can add flare to your home’s ceilings.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings were widely used in homes throughout the 1970’s and in to the 1990’s. However, the popcorn ceiling is now out of fashion and many homeowners are looking to remove the popcorn and seeking better avenues for their ceilings. Before discussing what many wonderful ideas you can do to the ceiling it is important to talk about popcorn ceiling removal. Popcorn ceiling should be removed by a professional. Not only are they messy, they can also be dangerous. Some popcorn ceiling used asbestos, especially the older homes. To ensure the safety of the household, have the ceiling removed properly by a professional to prevent illness.

Textured Ceilings

One of the most common types of ceilings are textured ceilings. A simple texture with a coat of paint can go a long way. However, as texture is quick and easy to apply, it not very interesting. However, there are many different texture styles that can be applied on the ceiling to help them seem more interesting.

Shiplap Ceiling Installation

Shiplap ceiling are growing more and more popular. Shiplap ceilings are basic wood panels that are secured to the ceiling that makes it look like the inside of a ship. The wooden panels can be painted white or other desired colors. They can be stained or left natural. Vinyl wood can also be installed if you don’t want the care of natural wood. Shiplap ceilings can have smooth wooden surfaces, or they can be broken up with eaves and wooden framing. Shiplap ceilings look great with rustic designs. However, with the proper application, shiplap ceilings also work well with modern designs too.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

When you hear ceiling tile, you may be thinking of an industrial building with foam rectangle tiles. However, ceiling tiles come in many shapes, colors and styles. Ceiling tiles are very beautiful and can enhance the home greatly. There are many wooden style ceiling tiles that are either glued or screwed to the ceiling. Another major type of ceiling tile is the plastic or plaster ceiling tile that has many molding designs that are simple to very ornate. Plastic and plaster ceiling tiles can also be painted or colored to resemble wood and metal. You can also find tin ceiling tiles. The thin tin or metal tiles are stamped with a unique design to create a beautiful masterpiece. The tin can have metallic tones such as copper, steel, aluminum, or brass. Tin ceiling tiles are usually glued in placed directly onto the ceiling.

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