Renovating a Bathroom, What to Do First in Woodway, TX; Choose Bathtub and/or Shower

The bathroom is an area of the home that many people choose to do a remodel. When you remodel an area of the home it not only brings out a fresh new look but can increase the value of your property as well. The bathroom and the kitchen are the two areas that seem to bring you the most for your money when you choose to remodel. The bathroom is a place that everyone has to use and many people choose to relax and enjoy their time. You want to make sure you know what to consider when you are ready to remodel the bathroom. Bath Vision & Texas Home Solutions outlines what you need to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

Choose the Right Bathtub / Shower

One of the things you want to make sure you consider is what you want to do about the bathtub/shower. Some people choose to have a shower only while others want a tub and shower combo and then there are some that want each and kept separately. You need to look at the space that you have available and decide what you want and what option will fit best in the space. If you are not in need of a bathtub and won’t use it, choosing a more luxurious shower may be your best bet. If you love to take a nice bubble bath at the end of the day or you have kids that need to use the bathroom are not yet able to shower then a tub is it. There are tubs that come in all shapes and sizes and even some with extra amenities. You can have one with jets or one that has a more elegant design element. Be sure you know what will fit and then you can work around the tub or shower that you choose.

Bathroom with Separate Toilet Room

You have some options when you choose to remodel your bathroom. The toilet is not the most glorious part of a bathroom but necessary none the less. You want to make sure that you give it some thought. You can always have a toilet that is in the main area and open but that does not leave much privacy for the person that may be using it. You can also choose to have a toilet closet that is built in that is enough space for the toilet and a door that can be closed to offer some level of privacy. You want to also choose a toilet that is energy efficient and has the size that best suits your needs.

Custom Bathroom Vanities, Sinks & Countertops

You also want to measure out how important it is to have a dual sink or a single sink in the space. If you are doing a bathroom that is for kids or a couple having two sinks is a way to create less chaos and contention. You also want to choose a cabinet system that will work well in the space with the finishes and colors that you choose.

Bathroom Remodeling & More in Axtell, West, Lorena, Woodway, Bellmead, Hewitt, Crawford, Robinson, Waco & McLennan County, Texas

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