Bathroom Renovation Guide in West, TX; Remodeling Checklist, Changing Layout & More

Have you decided it is time to remodel you home’s bathrooms? There are a number of benefits when taking on this project. However, many people don’t know where to start or how to properly budget and plan for bathroom remodeling. Bath Vision & Texas Home Solutions will help walk you through the beginning steps on how to start a bathroom remodel.

Create a List of Desired Bathroom Improvements

Firstly you will want to create a list of improvements and changes you will want to make to your bathrooms. Feel free to go crazy and list everything you would like to change in each bathroom. While there may be some limitations as to how far you can go, you will never know until you try. You can base your budget on your list. You can even begin to draw out a basic sketch of your bathroom, especially if you wish to change the layout. Create a list of fixtures such as bathtub, faucet, shower heads, toilet, and lights as well as any exterior features you would like to replace or add. You can then begin looking for a style that fits your taste.

Changing Bathroom Layout & Floor Plan

Structural changes such as redesigning the layout of the bathroom can be determined by a contractor and often the work and labor estimate can be provided at that time. This is why you will want to have some basic layout designs ready to go over with the contractor.

Design Bathroom for Needs of Household

Bathrooms can be designed to aid the disabled, elderly, or even for young children. Safety is a major concern for all three. When designing and remodeling a bathroom you may be focused on the needs of a family member who you may be taking care of or even for yourself. As we age we might find we need more of a non-slip style flooring, handrails and shower bench. There are a number of features and concepts that can be added to a bathroom during a remodeling that can help make the bathroom safer for those with additional challenges.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Breakdown

It is important to finalize your budget. You may want those marble countertops but may need to settle on a cheaper material. All remodeling projects must fit with your budget. Make sure the final estimate of the project is slightly under your budget limit to give you some wiggle room in the event additional work is needed. Sometimes during a remodeling, little problems with the structure, plumbing, or electrical wiring may pop up out of nowhere or be discovered. You may need that little extra money to repair those unexpected discoveries.

Find a Bathroom Remodel Contractor

Major remodeling projects should be left to a professional remodeling service. They can better determine what materials, labor and redesigns can be done properly. All remodeling projects must meet certain codes as well as assure safety. A contractor can help make sure the project goes smoothly and give you the results you want for your bathroom.

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If you need help beginning your home bathroom remodeling and need a professional as well as quality remodeling service, contact Bath Vision & Texas Home Solutions today!

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