Deck Designs in Lorena, TX; Walkable Space, Pressure Treated Materials & More when Building Decks

Many people today want to spend more time outside and seek ways to extend outdoor living space. Decks are growing in demand for many contractors as they provide a unique living space that can be designed to fit the wants and desires of the household. Decks can be designed for a shady reading space, outdoor kitchen and dining, or for a sunbathing platform. Texas Home Solution/Bath Vision will share a few tips when designing your home’s deck.

Deck Purpose Planner

When you want to have a deck built, you will first want to consider the deck’s purpose and what space is available in order to begin designing. What do you want to use the deck for? Today, the most popular use is for an outdoor cooking area complete with a grill and space for family and friends. Most decks include a dining table and seating. Some people love to go outside to read and to enjoy the fresh breeze. Others may want a fire pit, or a sunbathing space while others may want a little bit of everything. Make a list of features you want to design in your deck. You can then determine how much space you can dedicate toward the deck. There are some limitations as to how close a deck and other structures can get to the edge of the property.

Consider Walkable Space & Traffic

Once you design the deck’s main purpose and you have an idea of how much space you have to build the deck, make sure not to make the deck too crowded. Give plenty of walking space and consider the flow of foot traffic. Decks can become a popular site for the household members, so you don’t want to plug up traffic or make the deck feel crowded. When designing the deck make sure to allow plenty of space for foot traffic.

Consider Pressure Treated Deck Materials

Designing the deck often only costs time. However, there is the cost of materials to consider. When designing the deck, determine what material you want to use. Wood frames are popular as well as metal framing overlaid with wood or composites. There is the cost of the material to build the deck to consider, but also consider long term care. Wood requires the need to be refinished and kept clean to prolong the life of the deck. How you design the deck will determine future costs as well. Sometimes getting composites may cost more up front but cost less to maintain and lasts longer. The same can be said when using metal framing versus wood.

Adding Outdoor Sink, Gas Fire Pit & Other Utility Considerations

When adding plumbing, electricity, or gas you will need additional permits to have the utilities installed and inspected. While an outdoor sink and drainage system may seem handy, it will add to the cost and time of building a deck. Do you want a gas fire pit? Adding a gas line often requires a permit and additional designing.

Deck Design, Construction, Installation & More in Axtell, West, Lorena, Woodway, Bellmead, Hewitt, Crawford, Robinson, Waco & McLennan County, Texas

When you want to design and install a deck for your home, seek professional contract services. Texas Home Solution/Bath Vision provides remodeling and deck designs as well as installation services and more. When seeking a contractor to help build your home dream deck, contact Texas Home Solution/Bath Vision today.

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