What to Consider when Replacing & Upgrading Old Windows During a Home Remodel in Axtell, TX

Even the best windows will only last for an average of 15-20 years. The exact number of years will depend on how well you’ve maintained your windows, the weather they are exposed to and they type of frame material. The day will eventually come when you need to have them replaced. Bath Vision Home Remodeling Solutions presents some of the signs that time has arrived!

How to Know if You Need Replacement Windows

1. Warped & Rotted Window Frame. If your current windows are showing signs of rot or warping you need to replace them. This is more common with wooden windows because they can be tricky to maintain. They look great after installation but will fail sooner than you’d like if they are neglected. Once rot has set in, it can be hard to stay on top of it. Rain is also an enemy of wooden windows. Poor quality uPVC windows may become discolored and can expand with the heat-this can lead to warping-
2. Higher energy bills from inefficient windows. When windows become old and/or inefficient it can have a big impact on the insulation of your home. This of course leads to higher energy bills. You will need to use your air conditioner more when heat seeps into your home and it will need to work a lot harder. If it feels much warmer when you stand next to the window than the rest of the room, you have leaks. If the glass feels warm to the touch you are wasting energy. Older windows are typically single pane and are more vulnerable to leaks.
3. Windows are hard to open or close. Windows that are difficult to open become a huge problem because they are an escape route in an emergency. Windows can become difficult to impossible to open if they have been painted shut or they have become stuck due to warping and uPVC windows can expand and contract with weather changes. If this is happening too often the frame may be the wrong size for the aperture. Shifts in the foundation of your home can also shift your windows and make them more difficult to open. New windows will solve all these problems.
4. Wind whistling through windows. Today’s windows are designed to reduce the sound that comes from outside. These windows make a huge difference in your quality of life if you live in a busy area. If you stand inside a room and clearly hear the noise from outside with the window shut, you have old windows that should be replaced.
5. Drafty windows. Energy bills to cool your home can increase up to 25% when your windows are drafty. Putting off window replacement due to the cost becomes false economy in the long run. Newer windows are more efficient, and you’ll save yourself a lot of cash.

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Replacing your windows can improve your comfort, reduce your energy bills and add value to your home. The cost of new windows will depend on the material used, the type of glazing, the style of window and the company you choose to install them. During a home remodel is a perfect time to upgrade to new energy efficient windows. Contact Bath Vision Home Remodeling Solutions for a home remodeling consultation today!

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