Why are Pergolas so Popular in Hewitt, TX? Extend Outdoor Living Space, Provide Sun Shade, Seating Options & More

There are lots of people that are home and keeping themselves busy with projects and activities. The world has never seen a pandemic such as this and the coronavirus is spreading fast and wide. The virus has caused many communities and essentially shut down. Many non-essential businesses have shut their doors and schools are shut down. This means that more and more people are staying at their house and trying to do things that can help pass the time. This means that yard work that has been overlooked and those honey do lists are actually getting done. Spending time as a family doing home improvement projects is a great way to spend your time. It also is an opportunity to make the most of your outdoor living space. You can only stay in the house for so long before you need to get outdoors and get some fresh air. That means that your landscape and hardscape should be utilized fully. One way that you can do that is to create areas that you can use outside the house. A pergola is a fantastic addition and can be done by a professional while still practicing social distancing. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision outlines why you should add a pergola to your property.

Pergola VS Gazebo VS Arbor

The first thing you need to know more about is what a pergola is to determine if this is right for you. A pergola is usually a freestanding structure that takes up a portion of your yard. The pergola is meant to be a structure that has no walls, only pillars that keep it upright. It also will traditionally have a roofing that is made of slats that allows sunlight in as opposed to full coverage that provides only shade. It tends to be a wood structure that you can have painted or stained to match the d├ęcor of the rest of the house. There are times that the pergola can be attached to the house but it is not traditional. Gazebos always have a closed roof, a raised floor and a rounded shape while garden arbors are relatively small and simple structures that frequently bear curved arches at the top.

Extend Outdoor Living Space

When you are looking at your yard you want to make sure that you utilize it the best way possible. When you choose to have a pergola installed at your house it will provide additional outdoor living space and help divide up the yard too. You can divvy up the rest of the backyard for a garden, yard, rock or even a play structure. The pergola is often the element that draws the eye and it a beautiful addition.

Pergola Patio Furniture & Seating Ideas

Now that you have a pergola up in your yard you can use it in a wide variety of ways. One way to do that is to set up a seating area. The pergola offers protection from the sun and is a great shaded place to hang out and enjoy the weather. You can also set up a table and some chairs so that you can enjoy your meals outdoors as well.

Pergola Construction, Installation & More in Axtell, Woodway, Bellmead, Hewitt, Robinson, Waco & McLennan County, Texas

Imagine gorgeous spring and summer days spent lounging in your backyard under the perfect shade of a pergola, a good book in one hand and a cool drink in the other. Perhaps there is a sweet scented vine atop your pergola to create the luxury outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision can come out to your home to design and construct a beautiful pergola on your property. Call us today!

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