Elderly Bathing Solutions in West, TX; Non Slip Bathroom Flooring, Shower Bench, Grab Bar Installation & More

When it comes to areas in the home that people are injured, the bathroom is one of the most common places. This is because you are in a place that is often moist and slick and getting in and out of the shower or the bath can be dangerous. While most people that get injured coming in and out of the bathroom are elderly, this is not always the case. Anyone no matter their age can end up losing their footing and slip which can cause an injury. The interesting thing is that there are things that you can do to add a level of safety to your home and your bathroom. The bathroom should be safe for everyone at every age. The additions that you make are not only great for everyone but are a smart addition for aging in place. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision outlines what you can do to create safety in your bathroom.

Importance of Bathtub, Shower & Bathroom Safety

One of the most important reasons to look into adding and installing safety items in your bathroom is to keep yourself and your family safe. One of the most common ages that start to lose the ability to care for themselves are the elderly or those that are disabled. They still want to be able to care for themselves and adding these safety items are a great way to give them that freedom. It is also a way to give a caretaker the things that they will need to do the job with more ease. Everyone can benefit from using these safety additions to avoid any type of slip and fall.

Non Slip Flooring, Safe Bathing Options, Grab Bar Installation & More

There are lots of options that exist to make your bathroom much more safe. You want to make sure that you talk to a professional about what you can do and what would make the most sense. You want to talk about the needs of the people that live in the house. You also want to decide if you want a shower or a bathtub or if you want to have both. You can have a walk-in bathtub installed that offers the ability to get in and not have to sit down low in a standard tub. You also can add jets and other therapeutic options to your tub as well. You also can have grab bars that are installed to hold onto in the bathtub and shower. You can look at having textured flooring to allow you to keep a better grip and you can even have a bench installed. Many people love a bench in the shower so if you need to sit for a moment you can do just that.

Safety Bathroom Additions In Axtell, West, Lorena, Woodway, Bellmead, Hewitt, Crawford, Robinson, Waco & McLennan County, Texas.

You want to make sure that you call a professional that has the expertise in bathroom remodeling. They can make sure that you have all the options that are available and ensure that your new bathroom has all you need. They also will make sure that the room is safe for all members of the house. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision can come out to make sure that you can use your bathroom with safety no matter your age. Call us today!

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