What to Consider when Remodeling a Bathroom in Moody, TX; Walk in Shower, Waterproof Flooring & More

When you move into your house you may love the space or you may think about all the renovations you plan to make. There are areas of the house that people tend to take on when it comes to remodeling and the bathroom and kitchen are at the top of the list. The bathroom is a space that you want to be able to get ready for the day or relax at the end of the day. The problem is that most bathrooms are generic and have no personality. They also tend to go out of style and can use some sprucing up after some time. You want to make sure you know what you can do with your bathroom to make it the best space in the house. The bathroom is also a main selling point so if you make upgrades that are beautiful, useful and elegant it can add value to your house. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision outlines what you need to know about remodeling your bathroom.

Popular Bathroom Paint Colors

When you are looking to change your bathroom you want to look for colors that will bring in the vibe that best fits the space. Most people choose to have colors that are calming and relaxing. The best colors to make that happen are ones that mimic the outdoors such as light yellow and sky blue. You want to shy away from stark colors like bright white or dark colors that will make it feel closed off. The bathroom colors can be the paint that you choose, the tile, counters, cabinets and the décor that you add to the space after it has been remodeled.

Door Free Walk in Shower

The most generic type of shower is one that is a single piece unit that is installed in the space and has no style to it at all. It is often white and smooth. When you are remodeling your bathroom you can make decisions about the shower that will give it more excitement. You can start with how you will wall the space and a beautiful natural stone is a great option. This adds a level of elegance that your single piece units just can’t. You also want to make sure that you look at the options for the door such as door free, clear glass or even frosted glass. Each type has their own pros and cons so it is a good idea to know what is best for your lifestyle.

Waterproof Bathroom Flooring

You also want to look for a flooring option for your space. Most people steer away from carpet which does not do well in areas that are moist and damp most of the time. The better bet is to use hard flooring such as the same stone that you use in your shower. Natural stone is a great way to floor your new bathroom and give it a more modern and stylish look.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips & More in Axtell, West, Lorena, Woodway, Bellmead, Hewitt, Crawford, Robinson, Waco & McLennan County, Texas

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