Exterior Painting Tips in Lorena, TX; How to Paint Outside House Walls, Trim, Garage & Front Doors & More

Having the exterior of the home painted is something that most homeowners know they will have to do at some point. The weather takes its toll on the homes exterior and the look of the house can start to deteriorate. To keep the value of your house up you need to make sure that these areas are repainted and repaired when necessary. The time of the year that most people choose to have the exterior of the home painted is when the weather is nice outside. The calm and warm weather is the best for painting the house so that there is no wind or rain. The spring and the summer months are a good time to take on this task. When you are having your home painted you want to think about the areas of the house that will need a new coat of paint. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision outlines what areas of the house you will want to have painted regularly.

Painting Exterior Walls of House

When you are getting ready to paint the exterior of the house you want to make sure that you have any cleaning and repairs made first. This will have the surface prepped so that the paint goes on smoothly. The other thing that you need to do is to make sure that you take time to choose the paint color that is best. The first color that you need to choose is the main body color of the house. The main color will be what is painted on the stucco or the siding whatever your house is manufactured with. This color is often a color that is pleasing to the eye and usually is not a color that is very dark or vibrant. You want to have a color that you know you can use to accent with other colors around the house.

How to Paint Outside Trim & Framing

Now that you have the main body of the house color chosen you want to now take some time to pick the color to use as the main accent. The color can be bold or it can be a smooth transition from the main color. This secondary color is one that you will have applied and painted on the framing and the trim. The trim is around the homes roof line that will be this color. The other areas will be around the windows and the doors. This color can be the opposite of what you choose in terms of darkness. If you choose a dark main color you will go with a lighter trim and vice versa.

Garage & Front Door Paint Color Combinations

The last thing you should take into account is the color of the doors on your home. The great thing is that you can choose a color that shows your own style and personality. Some people choose a door color that makes a statement such as red or black. You want to decide what would be best for your homes look.

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