Walk-in Closet & Dressing Room Design Ideas in Beverly Hills, TX; Custom Shelving, Island Dresser & More

Indulging in the mini-spa bathroom or going all out for a glorious kitchen, is what remodeling your home often entails. When you want luxury for your home, the man-cave complete with home-theater system is another common remodeling option. The walk-in closet is one element that is often forgotten. Being a lot simpler, having your own customized walk-in closet can make it more organized and getting ready in the morning. Designing the perfect closet for your clothing, shoes, accessories, and other items is the biggest dilemma. With this in mind, we at Bath Vision & Home Solutions would like to recommend some suggestions for your pristine walk-in closet.

Turn Small Bedroom into a Dressing Room

You might be wondering how you are going to transform the limited space into a luxurious dressing room more fitting to your tastes unless your architect designed your home with a spacious walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Consider installing a beautiful customized system that transforms that otherwise wasted space into the dressing room of your dreams should you have a spare bedroom that remains empty.

Double Hang Closet Rods

The visual effect is striking, dual hanging rods are the solution to give you double the hanging space that is not only practical. When organizing with dual rods, wardrobes that have a number of separates can have more advantages. To your extensive collection of long garments will give the closet more glamor, having wall of single rods at the perfect height dedicated additionally. Beautify the setup through the double rods balancing single rods.

Custom Shelving Units

The customizing of the shelving is next once the hanging storage is perfected. From formal wear to seasonal wear and so on, this is where you want to consider your shoe collection. To maximize the storage options, customized open shelves with multiple rows that extend the length of the wall. Add closed customized cabinets in your closet to really take advantage of the storage options for more sophistication. To access beyond your heights, go from the floor to the ceiling if you like and include a customized sliding wheel ladder or other booster.

Closet Island Dresser with Glass Top

If there is a lot of space, install an island. The kitchens are not the limit of standalone work surfaces. In your remodeled luxury walk-in closet, a custom-built island can be included. For more storage options, it can be a unique display of accessories or built with drawer space. Still serving function, it can be anything that compliments the design of your closet.

Closet Lighting

Do not neglect the lighting options, while your customized the hanging, shelfing, and cabinet storage. You want to see well in your closet. You can have accent lighting on the shelves or cabinets or light up the center or corners in addition to having it well-lit. The overall display of your walk-in closet can be enhanced with lighting design. Add more luxury to your customized walk-in closet and let the LED lights and remarkable features will make a statement.

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The possibilities are endless, these are just a few ideas. You can make your walk-in closet a luxurious dressing room that is exceptionally organized with many options. To help you design your luxury walk-in closet and ensure the remodel is completed with quality and precision, call Bath Vision & Home Solutions to schedule your consultation.

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