Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid in Gholson, TX; Exceeding Remodeling Budget, Poor Design Layout & More

When it comes time for your kitchen to undergo major remodeling there are a number of considerations. A kitchen remodel is a major investment that you do not want to go wrong. When remodeling a home, at times a homeowner can make a number of big mistakes that ruins the entire project. For those who are deciding to remodel their kitchen and want to avoid any major problems, Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision will share some of the common mistakes made during a remodeling and how to avoid them.

Bad Kitchen Design Layout

When redesigning a kitchen, sometimes the homeowner wants to make major design changes. The right design change can greatly improve the workflow of the kitchen or ruin it. Sometimes a kitchen workflow is simply terrible and change is needed. When designing a good workflow for your kitchen, the appliances will more than not dictate the flow. You do not want to be running all around the kitchen each time you prepare a meal. Have the main meal preparation area near the refrigerator, oven and or stove. It also helps to have the pantry close by. Of course you will want the dishwasher next to the kitchen sink. It may seem like you will need to cram a number of elements together. However, that is not the case. Consider how you cook. You may walk by the pantry and then to the refrigerator to grab ingredients. Then you will walk to the meal preparation area, whether it be a kitchen island or counter. Have the meal preparation site near the kitchen sink to place dirty dishes in with ease. Once the meal is prepared it can go to the stove or into the oven. After seeing the workflow, you will better know how to redesign your kitchen.

Kitchen Without Enough Storage Cabinets

Another common mistake when remodeling a kitchen is not having enough storage space. A current trend is to remove hanging kitchen cabinets and use floating shelves instead. For those who dislike the old fashioned look, the floating shelves are a major hit. However, you will greatly reduce your storage space in your kitchen. Unless you’re a major minimalist shelves may not be right for you. Sometimes the homeowner wants more wall space and will reduce the number of cabinets in their kitchen. When remodeling your kitchen consider your kitchen storage needs before you reduce storage space.

Exceeding Kitchen Remodel Budget

When it comes to a kitchen remodeling, often our dreams are much bigger than our actual budget. You do not want to be in the middle of the a kitchen remodel only to run out of money. One of the very first steps to any kitchen remodel is first budget. Once you have a solid budget you can make your remodeling plans to fit that budget. It is best to keep the remodeling cost just under the budget you have set aside for the project. In the event there is an issue you will have some extra cash to finish the remodel.

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