Room Addon in Ross, TX; Kitchen Bump Out or Master Suite Bedroom & Bathroom Home Addition & More

Loving the location, layout, architecture, or even just the neighbors can be excellent qualities to want to keep living in your current home. However, sometimes, the perfect home is missing an element that the homeowners may not be happy with. When you have the home nearly perfect, but you just need that extra space, a room add on might be the solution. We at Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions would like to offer some ideas for your room addon.

Aging in Place Remodeling

Many opt for aging in place and staying in the home they have made so many memories in. Adding on a master bedroom on the first floor of a two story home for example, can be ideal if the physical limitations confine you to downstairs. You do not have sacrifice the commodities and original master bedroom, such as the big walk-in closet and full-service bathroom, or if you want to make visitors more comfortable. The bathroom can be easily completed with special features like handrails, non-slip features, zero edge showers, and shower seating among other medical or physical restraining needs.

Upstairs or Downstairs Bathroom Addition

When you need more bathrooms, no matter if you have multiple bathrooms and everyone fights for the time in the bathroom, it can be avoided by adding on an extra bathroom. You can decide on indulging on mini spa-like features or keep it simple but adding a new bathroom can never be wrong.

Adding a Master Suite or Another Bedroom

Requiring an extra bedroom can be quite common in families that grow or taking it loved ones and extended family members. The more affordable solution, especially if you are loving your home, is simply adding an extra bedroom.

Playroom Home Addition

Losing control to kids is a fairly common, and many parents can’t recall the moment the kids overran the common areas of the home. A kid playroom might be a wonderful idea when you can’t watch your favorite show or have conversations between adults, or if the mess of toys seem never ending. With a designated room for the kids to make the noise they want, play with every toy they own, or to simply let them watch TV or play video games. This will also keep the distractions out of the area where they do their homework.

Modular Home Office Addon

Many homeowners find the need for a home office, and some even require it. Whether you want a devoted space to complete bills, shopping lists, taxes, or other responsibilities, or perhaps you want a space for a home job or to bring work home with you. In any case, adding a home office to your home can be highly beneficial.

Kitchen Bump Out

Often only designed for a solitary cook, most kitchens are only equipped with the basics. You can add extra space to your kitchen and make the kitchen more dynamic for your needs and accommodating size of the family.

Home Room Additions & More in Axtell, West, Lorena, Woodway, Bellmead, Hewitt, Crawford, Robinson, Waco & McLennan County, Texas

No matter why you need a room addon for your home, the professionals at Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions are readily available to help you with the design, planning and construction. Contact us today.

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