Benefits of a First Floor Master Bedroom Suite Addition in Waco, TX; Safety, Trend, Home Value & More

There is no way around it, right now the real estate market is booming. If you have been looking for a new home that fits into what the vision for your home is, you may find you are better off remodeling your home to create that space rather than moving to a new home. One thing more and more people are wanting is a main floor master bedroom suite. Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions is here to talk about the many benefits that come from adding on a main floor master suite your home rather than moving.

Ground Floor Bedroom Safety

If you find that you are the caretaker for your aging parents, the thought of them moving into your home may sound like an impossibility. When you have a main floor master suite, the possibility is much more feasible. When your aging parents move into your home, you can save a lot of money avoiding the care center which is extremely costly. When able, they can also help with childcare and easing the workload in your home.

Main Floor Master Bedroom Trend

The baby boomer generation is getting to a place in their lives where they are looking for a home that doesn’t require them to walk up any stairs. As they get older, the thought of moving their bodies up and down stairs feels almost impossible. With a main floor master suite, your home would be more appealing to this large market in real estate. They are able to move in an enjoy living there until the end of their life.

Main Floor Master Suite Prevents Moving

There is no way around it, moving is expensive. While you will have to pay for a master suite addition, you may find that it is still more cost effective than moving into a new house. This is especially true as you also start over in paying for your home. If you have had your home for a decent amount of time, you don’t want to lose all the years that you have spent paying down your mortgage.

Increased Home Value with First Floor Master Bedroom Addition

While you are spending money on your home to have a master suite added onto your home, you aren’t wasting your money. You will see the value of your home increase with a first floor master suite. Any time that you add on square footage to your home, you will see the value of your home increase. You can think of the master suite addition as an investment rather than a large cost.

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If you are thinking about a master suite addition to your home, you want someone you can trust to do a good job handling the project. At Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions, we have the experience and expertise needed to provide you with the quality craftsmanship you are looking for. Call us today!

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