How to Remodel a Bathroom in Riesel, TX; Quality Materials, Lighting Requirements & More

Remodeling the bathroom often comes from need. Bathrooms, due to their nature, often deteriorate with excess moisture and heavy use on a daily basis. On the other hand, many homeowners simply want more from their bathrooms and once they have the means to get the bathroom of their dreams, the remodeling projects gets done. To help make your bathroom remodeling be more successful, we at Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions would like to offer some tips for your bathroom remodeling project.

1) When Remodeling Bathroom, Budget for Unexpected Costs

There are frequently unexpected circumstances that you should budget for when you decide to renovate the bathroom. One of the most common issues is discovering leaky pipes behind the walls during demolition where the long-term water exposure has caused extensive damage. To ensure the bathroom’s remodeled is completed correctly, the water-damaged materials will need to be replaced and the plumbing repaired. Keep in mind that contractors cannot see through walls and do not include these situations in the budget, adding to the initial cost. Planning for these types of issues can help maintain your overall budget.

2) Water Saving Technologies when Remodeling Bathroom

In recent years the toilets, faucets, and showerheads have become more water efficient. To contribute to reduced operating costs and do your share for the environment, there are many products you can take advantage of without sacrificing style. Saving water is always a welcomed benefit.

3) Bathroom Ventilation Requirements & Lighting Needs

Especially in rooms like the bathroom where moisture is consistent, moisture is one of the top enemy’s homes are exposed to. The decay of finishes and painted surfaces among other damage is accelerated from the mildew and mold the moisture contributes to. With the proper ventilation, you can eliminate a lot of the moisture that can otherwise damage the remodel. To not only improve practical use, but to enhance the style, different layers of lighting effects can produce illumination. For general lighting, ceiling fixtures are basic, however, go a step further and get ready for the day in the morning and having more lighting around the vanity will eliminate the shadows that get in the way. A recessed canister light or other options for a dedicated task light, for shower and toilet can give you the extra light you need and additional lights along the medicine cabinet will give you the illumination you want. For ambiance and energy efficiency, add LED lights and dimmer switches.

4) Quality Materials are Needed to Remodel a Bathroom

For your bathroom, you may be focused on the aesthetics. However, remember the bathroom takes a lot of abuse with the moisture and constant daily use as previously noted. Consider individually the type of material you use for the floors, backsplashes, shower and tub area, countertops and other surfaces. You can find something that fits your tastes without sacrificing the right defense the raw materials with endless amount of options available.

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When it comes to your bathroom remodel, contact Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions and let our professionals take care your dream bathroom remodeling project!

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