How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger in Woodway, TX; Upper Cabinets with Glass Doors, House Extension & More

Though you may wish for a bigger kitchen, there are times when having a small kitchen is what you have, and you need to make the most of it. During a remodel, you can design the kitchen to better accommodate your needs, such as more storage, better style, as well as making the space look larger than it is. Today, we at Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions would like to share a few tips on how you can make a small kitchen look large.

How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger with Paint

Paint, when done correctly can make a huge impact. Painting strategies can add drama, coziness, and even the illusion of more space to a room. A few painting tactics include:
– Use light, neutral colors
– Refinish dark cabinets to a lighter color, or create the illusion of height by keep bottom cabinets dark and paint the high cabinets a lighter color
– Maintain white ceilings
– Avoiding matte paint
– Behind open shelving with pops of color or a bold accent wall

Upper Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors or Open Shelves

To help make an illusion of a larger kitchen, replace the cabinet doors with glass and implement open shelving. You need to keep your shelves free of clutter that may make your space look messy as well as small.

Geometric Patterns in Kitchen

For small kitchens, geometric patterns are becoming a trend. It adds depth, texture, and can trick the eye, making your kitchen look bigger than it really is. Wallpaper, tile, or kitchen accessories, like a floor runner, can all add geometric shapes.

Incorporate Reflective Surfaces Such as Mirrors

To give the impression that a small space is bigger you can open a space using mirrors to reflect light. You can add a mirrored backsplash or put an actual mirror in your small kitchen remodel. Adding a mirror to your dining space will not only make it seem bigger. Also, a mirror in a connected dinging room can add the feeling of more space.

Kitchen House Extension

For those that have a nice outdoor space outside your kitchen walls, install French doors. To make your space look bigger, they will bring in a lot of light into your kitchen and extend the sightline out of doors.

Install Accent Lighting

A small space feel cramped, especially with shadow effects. Particularly to shelving and underneath cabinets, adding accent lights can remove shadows, effectively opening the space and making it look bigger while increasing the functionality of your kitchen at the same time

Increase Storage Space

In addition to feeling cramped, a small kitchen has another problem, lack of storage. Spending time decluttering is always ideal, however, planning additional storage options in your small kitchen’s remodel. By investing in appropriate organizational elements such as a corner cabinet you can make good use of the space. while making them easily accessible, hide your coffee pot and toaster.

Add Horizontal Stripes to Make Kitchen Appear Wider

Wide, horizontal stripes can make us look bigger than we’d like when wearing it. In a similar fashion, adding horizontal stripes to your kitchen can make it seem wider. With wallpaper, tile, flooring or rugs you can add these stripes.

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