Home Remodeling After COVID-19 in Woodway, TX; Mudroom, Home Office Room Addition, More Bathrooms & More

It may be interesting to note that the coronavirus is a fast and wide spreading virus that the world has never seen before. The virus is new and when any new illness arises it can be difficult for the world to be prepared for it. The coronavirus had no testing and no treatment when it first hit and the healthcare system was bogged down. That meant that many places around the world including the United States went on lock down in some sense. People are more aware of what they are touching and how close they are to the people around them. You also may have limited the amount of times you leave the house and you can even be working from home. These are all changes that came fast and may be more of a normal situation that what we used to do. When it comes to remodeling your house there are some new changes that are being seen already. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision outlines how COVID-19 has changed the home remodeling industry.

Build / Convert Space to More Bathrooms

One of the things you are seeing when the virus is being talked about is the need to wash your hands. The issue is that your hands are what you touch everything with and that includes your face as well. That is a big way that the virus is being spread. You touch an item at the store and then your face and you can become infected. Now with people recognizing that you need to wash your hands to stay clear of germs you want to have enough places to do that. That is why more people are choosing to have more bathrooms installed in their homes. Other bathroom remodeling ideas include bidets (that help greatly with any shortage on toilet paper) as well as brass and copper fixtures (both these metals are naturally antimicrobial and corrosion-resistant).

Home Office Room Addition

The other thing that has become very common during the stay at home order is that people are many more people are working from their house. They had to come up with a place to set up an office in a day or two to make sure they have a place to work. The problem is that many people do not have an office or a permanent place that they can set up their work station. You can take over the kitchen table but now you have other people talking and making noise in the same area. People are choosing to have a home office built in their house to have a place they can work if it is needed on a long term basis.

Front Entrance Mudrooms

If you watch videos you are sure to see that there are people that work on the front lines and when they get home they have to change in the garage. The garage is not ideal to strip down and get to a place that you can have a shower. If you do not have a mudroom you may decide that you want to have one. This is a great place that you can change that is in the house and remove your clothes and shoes and get them in the wash. There is also often a sink in this space so that you can wash up before you head into the rest of the residence.

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