Exterior Painting FAQ in Riesel, TX; How Often Should You Paint Your House, What to Do Before Painters Come & More

When it concerns various aspects of their home’s maintenance needs, most homeowners have a lot of questions, particularly when you commission a professional. It is essential the services are done efficiently being that your home is a long-term investment. When it comes to major projects, such as the involvement with exterior painting of your home, we know there are many questions consumers have. To help it be more convenient to get some answers, we at Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions would like to answer a few of the more commonly asked questions regarding exterior painting services.

Question: How often should you paint your house exterior?

Answer: Homeowners can expect the paint on the exterior of their home to wear over time, though there are factors that can expedite the paint’s deterioration. Exterior paint commonly requires less maintenance than the inside. You definitely need a fresh exterior painting when the paint on the exterior fades, peels, cracks, or is outdated.

Question: What to do before painters come

Answer: Professionals usually take care of most of the necessary preparation work needed to avoid paint splatters and ensure safety. A homeowner can make certain to remove the clutter and objects away from the house to expedite the process, and to be sure to do what their professional instructs them to do as well.

Question: Is it ok to paint stucco?

Answer: A stucco textured house can be painted with fresh paint and is especially easy for professionals. Typically, no matter what materials and textures are used on the exterior of your home, a skilled professional possesses the expertise and has the equipment to get the job done.

Question: Is it safe for my lawn and landscaping when the experts paint?

Answer: A reputable professional will be respectful to your property and avoid risking your delicate landscaping and protect the permanent fixtures, lawns, decking, and gardens well.

Question: Why is the exterior paint peeling off my house?

Answer: The paint that is peeling can be due to a number of single or combined circumstances that include low-quality paint, poorly applied, old paint, climate conditions and the composition of the paint are a few examples.

Question: Is one coat of exterior painting enough for the outside of my house?

Answer: Though in some instances you may need an additional coat, professionals recommend a minimum of 2 coats of paint for superior coverage and protection. Even with multiple coats of paint in far less time than a DIY project, a reputable expert can get the job done efficiently and quickly.

Question: Is pressure washing the surface necessary before the fresh paint is applied?

Answer: It is vital crucial that the surface is pressure cleaned to remove the dirt and debris which helps ensure a clean, smooth, and crisp application of exterior paint on the surface. Ultimately, it is always in your best interest to allow your professional to include power washing and time to dry before painting.

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