When to Replace Vinyl, Aluminum, Cedar Wood & Other Siding Materials in Robinson, TX

Your home is a place you want to have looking its very best. How the house looks on the outside is an indication of how it looks on the inside. If you want to make a good first impression it is important to know what you need to do to keep it looking good. One of the parts of the house that make up the look as well as a way to protect the house is the siding. If your siding is not in the best shape it can be, it has the ability to drop the value of the house and the curb appeal as well. That is why it is a good idea to know when you should replace the siding on your house. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision outlines some signs you need to replace the siding on your house.

Loose Vinyl & Aluminum Siding

One of the things about siding is that it should be installed so that it holds its place. The siding is attached by a professional and in a way that it protects the house. If you start to see that you have pieces that are becoming loose and moving it may be time to replace the siding. Often times the siding is a system that when a few start to loosen and come off the rest is sure to follow. The pieces that are loose can start to allow moisture and other elements behind them which will cause mold and mildew to grow. This will create a health hazard for the family if you allow it to continue. If you have loose pieces you want to call out a professional about replacing your siding.

Holes in Vinyl Wood & Other Siding Materials

The siding is something that should be a solid piece of material. The problem is that if your siding is made of wood or even plastic or other composite material it can start to become damaged. If you see that you have holes in the siding or gaps in the siding you want to make sure it is addressed right away. The holes are allowing the same moisture, rain and debris to get behind the actual panels. This will lead to the rest of the panels becoming loose and damaged. It is also a breeding ground for mold and mildew. You want to make sure that if you are finding pieces that have holes you have them replaced or the siding replaced all together.

Vinyl Siding Warped Due to Improper Installation, Elements & After Painting etc

The siding that is used in the house should have a good solid and level finish. If you come across pieces that are warped when you start the installation the professional will take them out of the rotation. The problem is that over some time the panels can start to warp from the elements. This is usually an indication that you need to have the siding taken off and replaced with new siding. Be sure to have the siding inspected to see if the warping is in need of replacement. If you notice vinyl siding is warped after painting, the likely cause is that it was repainted with a darker color paint than the original. Dark paint absorbs more of the sun’s heat, transferring it to the substrate. When vinyl siding expands dramatically it is not able to contract to its original dimensions and the result is warped siding that may need to be replaced.

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