Pros & Cons of Various Flooring Types in Bellmead, TX; Hardwood, Natural Stone Tile, Textured Concrete & More

Is it time for new floors but you are not sure what you want? There are many different types of flooring material used in homes. The flooring used in the home can increase its value and appearance. When you want to renew the look of your home with the right flooring, you will have a ton of options. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision will share different types of flooring and their benefits.

Tile Flooring Installation

Traditional tile flooring is primarily ceramic or porcelain. Both vary in coloring, texture, shape and size. Tile flooring can be used throughout the entire home. Tile flooring is mostly used in the kitchen and bathrooms as it is waterproof. Tile flooring also requires minimal care. Tile only requires sweeping and mopping. However, they do benefit from a seal or glazing which enhances their look and appearance. One of the biggest complaints with tile flooring is the grout lines. However, a sealer will also help keep grout lines cleaner. Depending on the type of tile flooring you wish to install, price will vary but in most cases, tile is very affordable.

Natural Stone Tile Flooring

Natural stone tile is highly desired for their beauty. You can find a wide selection of natural stone tile such as granite, marble, travertine, sandstone, limestone, flagstone, slate, and manufactured stone. When investing natural stone flooring, it is essential to learn everything about the type of stone you wish to install. Each type of stone will have its own set of care and needs. Some require a sealer, wax, and proper cleaning solution. Others may require polishing and buffing. Natural stone is beautiful and looks great in any home. However, they do require more maintenance than other flooring.

Textured Concrete Flooring

One flooring option that is gaining popularity is concrete flooring. Concrete flooring is another type of flooring that can be used throughout the entire home. Concrete can come in a variety of color and textures. Concrete flooring can even imitate natural stone with less cost and maintenance. Concrete flooring is easily cared for, requiring basic sweeping and mopping. Every now and then the surface sealer which enhances the look of the concrete will need to be redone.

Vinyl or Linoleum Floors

Used mostly in bathrooms and the kitchen, both linoleum and vinyl flooring is easily cleaned and maintain. They both also come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Vinyl and linoleum are also affordable and easily installed.

Hardwood Flooring

There is a large variety of wood flooring. The three major classes of wood flooring is solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring, and laminate wood flooring. Some other sub-classes of wood flooring are corkboard flooring, luxury vinyl wood flooring, and bamboo flooring. Depending on the type of wood flooring, they will require their own care and needs. Some wood flooring will also last longer than others. Wood is beautiful in any home and can be used throughout the home. However, it is recommended to avoid installing wood in bathrooms and areas with moisture. Make sure you do your homework on the type of wood flooring you will be installing to know its needs.

Carpet Flooring Installation

Carpets have been a favorite flooring for a long time. Carpet provides a soft padded surface, improves efficiency, and reduces noise. Carpet does require a need to be vacuumed and cleaned. Carpets also come in a variety of installation methods including carpet tile. Carpet has a wide selection of colors, patterns, textures and pile.

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