Pros & Cons of Luxury Vinyl VS Laminate Flooring in Robinson, TX; Most Durable, Water Resistant & More

When replacing the floors in your home during remodeling, some of the popular flooring options are luxury vinyl or laminate flooring. These are both great and affordable flooring options that are durable and handles humid climates well. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to both luxury vinyl and laminate floors. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision will share how each floor compares in different aspects.

Appearance of Flooring

Both luxury vinyl and laminate floors mimic stone, tile and wood floors. Depending on the luxury vinyl and laminate floor quality, some can mimic other types better than others. However, both are fairly equal in the sense they are both designed using 3D printing and come with textures. Additionally, you can find a diverse option of colors and finishes.

Is Flooring Waterproof or Water Resistant?

If you want a flooring for areas prone to getting wet like the bathroom, laundry room or kitchen, water resistance is essential. When comparing luxury vinyl to laminate, the luxury vinyl is superior. Luxury vinyl uses 100% synthetic materials that isn’t effected by water. Laminate floors use a number of layers that range in different materials. One layer is a wooden byproduct which doesn’t make it 100% waterproof. If you want the look of wood in a bathroom, the recommendation goes to luxury vinyl flooring.

Most Durable Flooring

Both luxury vinyl and laminate flooring vary in durability. When comparing which is more durable, luxury vinyl is considered strong in the sense it is flexible and withstands impacts far better than laminate. They are also better against pets and kids. However, they can still get damaged by dragging furniture and heavy items across the floor. Laminates are fairly durable. Even so, they can get scratched, chipped or become indented. Both flooring will fade overtime. However, luxury vinyl is more fade resistant. In terms of durability, luxury vinyl floor is slightly better.

Flooring Maintenance

Laminate floors require proper cleaners and products to ensure the flooring longevity. Laminates also require proper cleaning tools such as steam mops and soft mops. Luxury vinyl flooring can be cleaned with plain water and a mop. When it comes to basic cleaning and maintenance, luxury vinyl does requires less. Luxury vinyl can develop scratches which can be repaired with a vinyl wax repair solution. For homes with kids and pets you will find even luxury vinyl will require repairs.

Best Comfort Flooring for Your Feet

When it comes to which flooring is more comfortable, laminates are fuller with a thick underlayment which makes it more comfortable. Luxury vinyl is thinner and doesn’t always require an underlayment. Additionally, when luxury vinyl is installed over concrete sub floors, they can feel colder during the winter. For a more comfortable floor, laminates floor are superior.

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Both floors are great products to have in the home. They are easily and quickly installed and can last years with proper care. When you are remodeling your home, or want new flooring installed in your home, luxury vinyl and laminates are both great choices. For quality flooring installation, remodeling services and more, contact Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision today.

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