Paint Sheen Chart in Gholson, TX; High & Semi Gloss, Satin, Eggshell, Flat or Matte Finishes

When you are getting ready to paint the interior walls of your home, one of the first things you will do is pick the right colors. This sounds like a simple process, but with the thousands of colors that are available to you, the decision can be harder than it sounds. Once you have that perfect colosr, you will need to choose the right sheen. There are several different sheen’s to choose from, and each of them work better in some places rather than others. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision is here to share some information about paint sheen’s and where they should all be used in your home.

High Gloss: Kitchen Cabinets, Windows & Doors

If you are working with a dark space or a small space, you may want to choose a high gloss paint. They can really do wonders to help brighten an area. However, that’s not the only reason high gloss can be the right choice for your home. That high gloss sheen also makes these surfaces easier to clean. When spills happen, they are much easier to wipe down and the paint is less likely to wear away. This is why your kitchen and the doors and trim around windows of your home are better off with a higher gloss sheen. This will make these areas much easier to keep clean without damaging the paint.

Semi-Gloss: Kitchens, Bathrooms & Interior Trim

Cleaning the baseboards in your home is never a fun task. When you don’t have the right paint sheen, it can be much more difficult. Semi-gloss paint will have some of the same benefits as high gloss paint, but you won’t have a surface that is quite as shiny. If you are refinishing any furniture, you may find that semi-gloss paint is the best choice so that you can easily clean that piece should the need arise.

Satin Paint Finish: Family Rooms & Bedrooms

This is by far, the most popular paint sheen choice in residential homes. It has the perfect balance between flat and shiny finishes. Satin paint is still cleanable, but you should be careful not to scrub too much or you may start to wear off the paint. This is a great choice for areas that won’t need to be constantly cleaned like family rooms and bedrooms. You can easily occasionally clean this paint without causing damage.

Eggshell Paint Finish: Dining Rooms & Living Rooms

Eggshell paint is also a popular choice in homes. You can clean these surfaces, but don’t get that high gloss look that some of the other paints give. You should use caution when cleaning eggshell paint, which is why it is a good choice in areas that don’t get as much traffic like formal dining rooms and formal living rooms. You should avoid suing this paint in areas that are constantly touched and need to be cleaned often.

Flat or Matte Paint: Adult Bedrooms & Spaces

Flat or matte paint is difficult to keep clean and can’t handle getting cleaned hardly at all. If you are considering this paint, you should put in an areas that isn’t hardly ever touched. Areas free from kids is best.

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