New Year Home Improvement Remodeling Ideas in Crawford, TX; Adding on to House, Attic or Loft Conversion & More

With the start of a new year you may be looking at your home and then deciding if it is time to upgrade and remodel your home. There are a ton of ways you can improve your home at the start of the new year to make everyday life better. At times, as homes age, they will require many repairs and needed improvements. Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions will share some New Year remodeling or improvement project ideas to help renew your home.

Adding on to Your House

For homes with limited space or when the family becomes too big for the home as is, you can add more space. If you don’t want to spend another year in a cramped house, consider adding on to your home. You can extend the living room, dining area or add on a bedroom or home office to the home. Home add-on or expansion can help add more space when the home becomes too small for the household. You can expand outward or even add on top of the house. This will depend on the property size and house design.

Adding Character & Improving Home Exterior

At times, home improvement doesn’t need to occur inside but more on the outside of a home. There are a lot of ways to claim more space outside. Some homeowners may have dreamed about having an outdoor kitchen and deck space. During this New Year, make your dream a reality and have your deck, gazebo or a sunroom added to your home. For those who want to spend more time outside this year and want a comfortable living environment, consider adding an exterior feature to your home.

Modern Lighting Design

Some people may find their home has an improper indoor lighting design. When you want more light in your home there are many ways you can bring in more light to a home. You can add bigger or add more windows, skylights or sun tunnel. You can even install more light fixtures. Depending on your home design, you can implement more than one lighting option. Sky lights, sun tunnels and windows allow more natural sunlight into the home without adding to your home electric bill. However, during the night hours, more lighting fixtures may be beneficial.

Smart Home Gadgets, Devices & Appliances

Many people want to remodel their home and install all the new modern conveniences. Smart thermostat, appliances, light sand more can help make life easier. At a touch of a button you can control all of the home’s lighting, power usage, HVAC system, and even see what is inside your refrigerator and more. You can have an enhanced security system installed. All give you more convenience around your home.

Attic & Loft Conversion

At times, homeowners will find there are certain areas of their home they never use or don’t have a use for. The attic or loft are spaces often unused and have no purpose. You can remodel or reclaim these spaces and create a use for them. Some people may want a workout room, others may decide they need a home office. For large families, playrooms are a must. If there is an unfinished basement or you want to claim some of your attic space and redesign the inside of your home to make use of those unused areas, now is a good time to begin!

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For those who want to remodel their home in 2020, contact Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions today!

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