Ideas for an Attic Conversion into Game Room in West, TX; Flooring, Built In Storage, Lighting, Colors & More

Having a game room is something most families never regret investing in. Whether you enjoy hosting friends, want to have plenty of opportunities for family bonding, or want to have a safe place for your teen and their friends to hang out in. Not all home layouts however can accommodate a room solely for gaming and hanging out. However, there is a space that is often overlooked that is ideal for this setup and that is the attic space. To provide your home with the game room you have been looking for, a transformation on your top floor may be the right solution. With this in mind, we at Bath Vision and Texas Home Solutions would like to share how to fransform your attic into usable space and have the game room you want.

Attic Game Room Focal Point

A feature wall makes a perfect focal point in a game room. It’s nice to develop a visual focal point so the eye isn’t jumping everywhere where game rooms typically have a lot of action in them. Since most attics are generally long and narrow, use the farthest end wall for the focus wall. A great example is using a compelling architectural element with a backlit television wall or a large-scale mural, or even keep it simple with a sofa that is flanked with colorful lamps on both sides.

Easy Attic Lighting

Attics are usually dark and when you transition them into a finished space, you will want to flood the area to see the games and faces of friends. Let the light from the below floor help add more light. So that the upper level benefits from the light of the second-floor landing, remove the walls that typically enclose an attic stairway. It will also help the attic space feel more welcoming. In addition to borrowing the ground floor lighting, you will have 2-3 sources of light for your attic’s game room. Working best in such a space are traditional pot lights, sconces and lamps. Also, make certain all the gaming tables are adequately lit from above.

Simple Color Scheme for Gaming Room

Games and interactive activities along with furnishings are enough distraction. Keep the color scheme limited to three colors at most and to help the space feel less cluttered, consider a monochromatic palette. With the busy nature of a game room, you need to help add a restful and quiet element to the space.

Attic Flooring Ideas

The first instinct might to be for sophisticated elegance and opt for wood floors. Forgo hardwood floors and trust in the wall-to-wall carpeting to make your game room extra cozy. It also helps keep the area warmer in addition to add a little extra soundproofing quality.

Video Game Room Built In Storage Ideas

Do not let the exquisite game room become a cluttered heap of games. Add built-in storage solutions such as dormer windows for shelving, beneath storage bays, or cabinets or shelving into the walls. The better the space’s dynamics will be having the extra storage for board games, puzzles, arts and crafts, as well as the video games if you choose to include video games in the gaming room.

Keep Gaming Room Casual

There are other rooms in your home that are designed for more formal gatherings that are styled with more fancy-flare. Keep your gaming room more casual and laid back. Once the attic space is transitioned into the livable space according to code, the furnishes such as gaming tables, consoles, arcades, and others keep the area informal for people to relax and have fun. A mini fridge for drinks and snacks might be suitable, especially if the teens are looking to entertain a group of friends after school.

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If you are considering transitioning the attic space into a livable area, whether you want a gaming room, an extra bedroom, home office, or a playroom, the professionals of Bath Vision Home Remodeling Solutions is readily available to provide the services you need to get your remodeling project done with high-quality. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

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