Best Paint Finish for Living Room Ceilings, Kitchen Walls & More in Waco, TX; Matte, Satin, Eggshell or Gloss

When you are ready to take on a home renovation project you want to make sure you think about all the options that are available to you. There are many steps to renovating or remodeling a bathroom, kitchen, kids room or more in your house. You want to be sure that all the choices that you make are going to work together and be the best fit for your home and your lifestyle. One of the areas that you want to make sure you are aware of happens to be the paint you choose. This is an area of the renovation that will set the backdrop for the rest of the project. The right color and finish is an important part of the space and you should know what the finishes mean and what would be best for your home. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision outlines what you need to know about paint finishes for your home.

Matte Finish Paint for Ceilings

The first level of paint finish you can choose from is called a matte finish. This has become more popular with things such as nail polish and even some car manufacturers are using this finish. The matte finish is a paint finish that will show no shine at all. This is a chalky finish that can be used in homes. It may be a look that you love but it may not be the best choice for you if you have kids in your house. The biggest problem that people have with using a matte finish is that any marks and hand prints are not easily washed off the walls. The matte finish does not have a protectant finish and when you go to clean them it can take the paint off with it. The best spot for a matte finish is the ceilings in your house.

Satin Or Eggshell Paint Finish for Walls

If you want to use the finish that is most commonly used in a home on the walls then a satin finish is the way to go. The finish offers some layer of protection and some shine to the wall. The great thing is that this makes is so that the walls can be washed cleaned with soap and water and those hard to remove sports can be treated with a magic eraser. This is the most common finish for these reasons. They can stand up against very normal wear and tear in a house.

Gloss Finish for Stair Rails, Baseboards, Crown Molding & Door Trim

You can also go with a gloss finish if you want to have a very shiny coat at the end of your project. This is an option that is used for homeowners but not often for walls. The extra shine will show off any imperfections that are on the wall. It is hard to hide anything when it comes to a gloss finish. More people choose this finish for doors, trim and stair rails. It is also a great option when you need to clean your surfaces.

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