Bathroom Remodeling; Modern & Elegant Powder Room Decorating in Beverly Hills, TX

With the potential to have a big impact, your home’s power bathroom is typically a small space. By design, the powder room’s limited square footage can be riveting with the right sheens, fixtures, colors, textures, patterns, and lighting. Like any room in the home, we want the powder room to have the spice and admiration the rest of the home carries. In an effort to help you add flare to your powder bathroom, we at Bath Vision & Texas Home Solutions have prepared a list of ideas to customize the look, add pizzazz, and make the otherwise bland and boring powder bathroom a sight to behold.

Powder Room Floor Ideas

Being that the powder room are not exposed to as much moisture as full size bathrooms, you have more options for the floor than generic tile and grout. With the many options, you can have carpets, wood floor, vinyl flooring, or even some finer choices with natural stone. Consider options that reflect your style and home’s interior design.

Vintage & Rustic Powder Room Mirrors

For more practical needs the standard plate mirror or a basic frame is perfect for the master bedroom or master bath, but when it comes to the powder bathroom, you can use the mirrors as artistic expression. Some ideas include mirrors of different sizes, shapes, and even coatings, like antiqued glass for a more custom look.

Powder Room Vanity

You have the opportunity with your powder bathroom to experiment with unconventional designs. For a stunning focal point to really captivate the powder room, select floating vanities and ornate furniture pieces. Let the imagination explore different visual interests and creative options as you plan the remodel for your powder room.

Bathroom Wallpaper, Accent Wall & Textures

The walls can be finished with wallpaper, tile, and paint, allowing for an assortment of colors, patterns, and/or textures. There are many visually striking applications for a bold alternative even with wallpaper as trending option. Another gorgeous presentation for instance is a partial tile paired with wallpaper or paint.

Powder Room Lighting & Fixture Plan

Bring the powder room together using a gorgeous vintage marble sink and vanity in tandem with vintage sconce lights. In any case, to help you establish the interior design of your powder room select carefully the lights, toilets, vanities, sinks, and even hardware for sinks, towel racks as well as any other fixture and hardware you opt to implement.

Chandelier, Overhead & Other Bathroom Lighting

Though it does little for the design, many homeowners keep the lighting simple for function. Since it is not the general place people prep and prim for the day, the powder room can be enhanced with a variety of lighting effects. For instance, to throw unusual shadows or refract light, a highlight in the powder room can be a sculptural pendant. To really amplify the visual effects in the powder room, there are a number of options that you can apply for the lighting design.

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Ultimately, no matter what you decide is best for your powder bathroom, Bath Vision & Texas Home Solutions can help you get the powder room perfect. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

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