Aging in Place Remodeling in Bellmead, TX; Non Slip Flooring for Seniors & Other Home Modifications

As many of us age, we often find the easy steps in life not being so easy anymore. As people age they begin to lose strength and balance. Daily living seems to get harder and more challenging. A home should never become an obstacle, which is why many people will look to remodel their home to help make daily life a little bit easier. Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision will share some of the best remodeling strategies for aging in place to make your home a little bit safer as you get older.

Non Slip Flooring for Seniors

As many of us age, balance becomes an issue. We often want to be more steady on our feet as we age. To accomplish this, one option is replacing the floor with a non-slip style flooring and carpet. Fluffy carpet in living rooms and bedrooms are often recommended for a soft surface. Non-slip tile or wood floors are better in kitchens and bathrooms to help prevent more stability, especially in the wet areas.

Railing Aging in Place Home Modifications

Railing is another helpful feature that can be installed throughout the home. Railings are best served in long halls and in bathrooms. However, there is no limit to where railing can be installed. The homeowner often knows where they wish to have the aid of railing to help them stay better balanced while getting up and down. Railing should be installed next to toilets and in the shower to provide aid.

Smart Technology for Aging in Place

Many older people don’t like technology. However, as aging occurs it can become a life saver. There are many appliances and features that can be controlled right from a phone. Home security systems, HVAC, lighting, windows and more can all be controlled from a touch of a button. As we age technology can help us control everything around the home without the need to move around so much. Investing in smart technology can be a key of better comfort.

Senior Friendly Shower / Bathtub Seat Bathroom Design

Bathing should never become a major hassle. Investing in a walk-in bathtub is very helpful. These bathtubs have a door which seals when closed. They remove the need to step over and into the bathtub. Most also come with a built-in stool which helps reduce the need to lie down in the bathtub. Showers can also have a built-in stool so you don’t have to stand while you shower. With these bathroom features, you won’t have the challenges bathing can sometimes bring.

Adjust the Toilet & Sink Height as You Get Older

The toilet and sink level or height can be adjusted to fit the aging homeowner to make the use far easier. Often toilet height can make it difficult for the elderly to get back up. Making the toilet’s height slightly higher can help make going to the bathroom easier. The sink height can also be changed to make washing hands easier and less of a hassle.

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As we age often we need help making life at home safer and easier. When you or an aging family member needs help making their home more convenient during the later stages of their life, contact Texas Home Solutions / Bath Vision for aging in place remodeling service.

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